On this page are some models of various equipment used, on various fronts during WWl, by the Ottoman Empire and its enemies

All models were assembled and photographed by Piotr Nykiel

3" Russian Field Gun

Caliber: 3 in / 76 mm
Barrel length: 30 calibers
Firing range: 10,800 m (with old type shell), 16,900 m (with new type shell)
Vertical angle: -5° +17°
Weight in battle readiness: 1092 kg
Max. range of fire: 8550 m

The gun was constructed in 1902 and was widely used by the Russian Army during WWI, also on Turkish fronts (including Galicia in 1916-17). Some guns of this type were also used by the Ottoman Army.

Scale: 1 : 35
Model Producer: UM Military Technics
Assembled by: Piotr Nykiel
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