First Polish Diving Expedition to the Dardanelles and Gallipoli area was carried out by a group of Polish divers and Dr. Piotr Nykiel in September 2011.

Below, we present the official report of the expedition, some illustrative material and a 20-minutes long documentary film with the narration read by famous diver Richie Kohler.

First Polish Diving Expedition Gallipoli 2011 was carried out by:

Piotr Wytykowski
Expedition Leader, Underwater Cameraman
Roman Zajder
Expedition Leader, Underwater Photographer
Dr. Piotr Nykiel
Expedition Scientific Leader
Tomasz & Anna Stopyra
Technical Equipment Providers
Aleksander Ostasz
Historian, Underwater Cameraman
Arkadiusz Kasjański
Underwater Works Leader, Expedition’s Visual Setting
Dr. Dariusz Pietruszka
Medical Care, Underwater Photographer
Katarzyna Pietruszka
Underwater Camera
Grzegorz Frass
Underwater Works
Jakub Trębacz
Underwater Photographer, Underwater Works
Robert Piąsta
Computer Specialist, Underwater Works
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