Preparations for the “1st Polish-Turkish Diving Expedition Gallipoli 2013” have started. The project will be carried out by the Jagiellonian University and Shipwreck Expeditions (Polish Side) and Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (Turkish Side).

The scientific and technical team will consist of:

  1. Assistant Professor Dr. Piotr NYKIEL (Jagiellonian University, Institute of Oriental Studies, Department of Turkish Studies) – project’s scientific director, expert in history

  2. Associate Professor Dr. Muhammet ERAT (Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, History Department) – expert in history

  3. Piotr WYTYKOWSKI (Shipwreck Expeditions) – diving team leader, underwater camera operator, side scan sonar operator

  4. Roman ZAJDER (Shipwreck Expeditions) – diving team leader, underwater photographer

  5. Bartłomiej GRYNDA – ROV operator

  6. Bogusław BĄK – medical care, underwater camera operator

  7. Piotr KARDASZ – underwater camera operator

  8. Marcin JAMKOWSKI – underwater photographer

  9. Jakub KONCYTOWICZ – deep diver, underwater photographer

  10. Anna KONCYTOWICZ – deep diver, assistant of the underwater photographer

  11. Arkadiusz KASJAŃSKI – underwater work, artistic framework of expedition

  12. Grzegorz FRASS – underwater work

  13. Robert GŁUCHOWSKI – underwater work

The Turkish Side will be represented by three divers, names of whom are still unknown.

The “1st Polish-Turkish Diving Expedition Gallipoli 2013” is being organized to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Polish-Turkish Friendship Treaty (1923-2013) and 600th Anniversary of Establishment of the Polish-Turkish Diplomatic Relations (1414-2014).

The news on the expedition’s preparation will follow.

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