HMS Mosquito


HMS Mosquito

(R. Perkins - Piotr Nykiel's collection)


HMS Scorpion


HMS Scorpion

(Piotr Nykiel's collection)




HMS Jed. An irrational opinion about the condition of the Dardanelles’ forts formed on her deck at March 18-19, 1915 night by commodore Roger Keyes has affected the British historiography for decades.

(Tom Molland Ltd. - Piotr Nykiel's collection)

Lifebelt from HMS Jed lost in the Dardanelles probably on March 18, 1915 and now exposed in Naval Museum in Beşiktaş, Istanbul.

(Photo: Piotr Nykiel)


HMS Wear


HMS Wear - a destroyer which on March 18, 1915 rescued the whole crew from HMS Irresistible.

(Hopkins Coll. R. Perkins - Piotr Nykiel's collection)




HMS Usk – a destroyer which on March 5, 1915 rescued pilot Lt. W. H. S. Garnett and Capt. Hugh A. Williamson whose seaplane (side No. 808) fell into the sea from the altitude of 600 meters.

(Photo: Stephen Cribb - Piotr Nykiel's collection)


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